Workshop and Concert with Ralph Shaw!

Le mardi 2 octobre 2012 ne ratez pas l’atelier et le show d’un super artiste et professeur Ralph Shaw!

Au resto bio Burritoville, 2e étage au 2055 rue Bishop. La page de l’évènement facebook.

7pm-8:30pm: Workshop 15$.
Break to drink and eat the delicious burritos!
9:15pm – 10:30pm: Show 10$.

Workshop+Concert = $20 only for a great ukulele night!
At the door.

About Ralph Shaw

Ralph Shaw, an unparalleled showman: “…a man with a knack for engaging an audience and keeping them right in the palm of his hand. He’s also a man who’s able and willing to help others understand the art of performance. He’s a rare mix…an über-talented performer with the soul of a teacher.” Quote by James Hill.

Although much of Ralph’s music draws from the 1920’s to 1940’s era he also includes originals and modern genres. Ralph Shaw croons, dances, yodels, whistles, plays harmonica and strums ukulele like a, well, like an extremely good ukulele player! His hilarious stories and physical comedy draw on his life as a clown, a physicist, a child in Yorkshire, and as Canada’s “King of the Ukulele”. Although, surprisingly he was actually born in Schefferville, Quebec.

At times he can be inspirational and thought provoking, at others outrageous and awe-inspiring. And whether you watch his show, or take in one of his famous classes, you’ll come away having been thoroughly educated, inspired and entertained.

Workshop (in english only).
The Secret to Infinite Strumming Patterns – Getting left and right hands to work together. In this workshop Ralph teaches the basic techniques of: accents, damping, ghost strum, tremolo, rolls and triplets. He then shows how these skills can be combined, so by the end you’ll have the tools to put endless variety into your strumming. In the workshop these tools will be used to create strums such as: reggae, waltz, bo-diddley, samba, syncopated style and more.
This workshop covers abilities from experienced beginner to advanced intermediate making it suitable for players of varying ability.
Approx. 75 minutes

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