Ukulele Workshop for Beginners, level 1 – Monday, October 15th

Ukulele Club is now offering Beginners Ukulele Workshops in English!

Ukulele Workshop for Beginners – level 1 (none or very little knowledge base) Min 4 – Max. 10 participants.
Monday, October 15th from 7pm to 8:30pm.

This 90 minute workshop is for those whose familiarity with the ukulele is little to none, who want to begin developing a base. Shy? Dont be! This is a laid back learning environment; seriousness is forbidden, and fun is required!!

This introductory workshop will cover the following:
– Familiarity with the Ukulele! (includes tuning, holding the uke, etc)
– Introduction to some basic, commonly used chords,
– Basic strumming,
– Learn your first song!

Dont have a uke? Let us know ahead of time, we may be able to lend one for the duration of the workshop.

If you would like to take part, or would like more information, price, location… please send an email to – Object : Ukulele Workshop Beginners 1


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